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Japa Yajna

A japa yajna is a fire ceremony in which mantras are chanted to invoke the presence of the Lord. Usually during the ceremony many offerings are made to the fire. These offerings thank the Lord for what He has given us, and are a way of thanking for His grace.

A japa yajna can be seen as the performance of a religious duty involving Agni, the sacrificial fire, with the chanting of the mantras. A yajna is generally an act of worship or showing reverence to God and Nature through invocations, prayers, songs, fire ritual, mantra recitation, and Holy offerings. It is the process of praying and making offerings to the Deities and other aspects of Divine Power through worship for their blessings for a happy, peaceful and prosperous life, or any other material or spiritual benefits that a person may desire. The word Yajna can be translated as 'to sacrifice'; this could be seen as self-denial for the welfare of another, or others. So a yajna is a great medium that help solving all kind of problems. It burns an individual's or a community's karma. Ultimately the real meaning of yajna is unity of God and humanity.

Please be aware Japa Yajnas are not for yoga beginners.