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How To Practice

Before reading this page... please be aware Mantra Japa is not for yoga beginners... so... if you're a beginner... come back when you'll have some more experience... if you're not a beginner (let's say... if you have practiced with mantras at least for 1 year, at least once a week), keep on reading!

Seat yourself in your prayer area a little before the period you have decided to practice the Japa. Try to become calm and remember your Guru (if you have one). After this, dedicate some other time thinking about the people or situation you're repeating the mantra for and imagine him/her/them completely free from their problems.

Then let every thought go and start repeating the mantra; this can be done silently, whispered or aloud, with japa mala or without. Maybe during repetition many thoughts will come and go through your mind; just don't worry about it; it's really a normal thing to have a perturbed mind.

When you finish repeating the mantra simply sit for a few minutes calmly, and feel the effects and vibrations in your body and mind.

Please, do not strain! Simply repeat for a period suitable for you! 15 minutes is good. If you can stand and afford it... half an hour is very good!
Remember you must not repeat longer than an hour in any case. Absolutely do not exaggerate; mantras are powerful, so please be careful.

If possible choose, for your japa practice, a period of the day in which other participants are not practicing, so to get a continuous japa worldwide.