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Get in touch

To keep in touch with other participants, you can join the WMMMJY Google Group, or visit our Facebook page or Google+ page.

Please be aware that, due to changes in Facebook privacy policy, if you want to get notifications from our Facebook page you have to explicitly click on the "Get notifications" button (in the pop up menu displayed clicking on the arrow near the "Like" button; this menu is displayed only after you like the page).

You can contact us via Facebook, Google+ or e-Mail: wmmmjy at

Please note e-mail addresses will not be published or used (apart from sending news about future Yajnas; this means 1 mail once a year, only if you wish to be informed, of course).

Coordinators Team

World Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa Yajnas are organized by yogis and yoginis of different traditions for yogis and yoginis all over the world.
You can contact coordinators by e-mail or by facebook message.

Spiritual Name
E-mail Facebook Account Location
Ram Saraswati socratesmartinez at Socrates Martinez de Moya Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Luke elcico2001 at Luca Daghino Torino, Italy, EU
José Antonio Rodríguez García Madrid, Spain, EU

If a coordinator position is available (blank row in the above table) and you're interested in giving a hand, you can contact one of the current coordinator(s) to help organizing future yajnas and maintaining wmmmjy websites, contacts and social networks pages.

Below you can read the requirements needed to become coordinators:

The organization of yajnas is quite simple and doesn't require much time. Things to do are simple and current coordinator(s) can give all needed instructions. It just takes a little time, above all in the period before the yajnas. Decisions in the coordinators team are taken on a democratic basis, with each coordinator entitled to one vote.

Coordinators must not use e-mail addresses/facebook accounts or other data of participants for purposes others than those of the organization of World Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa Yajnas and maintenance of the World Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa Yajna websites, contacts and social networks pages.

As already written elsewhere in the website, please note this initiative is not linked to any yoga school or tradition.

Site notes

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